Yang Leader Gray

Gorgeous Nightmare

*Seungho served a few customers their drinks while twirling the bottles amazing them with his talent, he grins cockily and slides the drinks down the counter, Seungho smiled seeing the dance floor completely packed and the customers having a good time*

*He makes himself a drink and leans against the column in the middle of a bar as he takes a long sip of his favorite drink he notices someone across from where he stood, his gaze is intense and focused on the person*

Funky Music

*The young man stepped into the dark arcade by himself. He looked around for the game of his choice and found it. He prepared long and hard to be perfect on Dance Dance Revolution, and he was ready to show off to those pretty girls on HIS machine. Obvious armatures! He smirked as he made his way.*

Hi ladies~

*The girls glared at the redhead, not convinced of his charm. they rolled their eyes at him, but he wasn't moved. He was confident he would have them in his had.*

Move aside girls, I'll show you how it's done.

*The girls giggle but move to the side. he inserts a quarter and the music blasts out of the tiny speaker. He gave them a cheeky wink just before his game began. He stayed focused, though. Making sure he hit all the right steps. he was perfect. he knew it, and he loved all the attention he received from it.*

*His game finished and the music stopped. the screen showed him his score and like he predicted: PERFECT. everybody clapped and he took a   deep bow. sneaking a wink towards the girls. Obviously swooned.*

thought so~

Welcome to Talk Play Love

why? i was forced!! lol
Hi, everyone! It's been a while but we are finally ready to open this community up! We are accepting claims now, and starting the game. Please remember to read the rules to claim properly. They will be found on the profile page of the community.

If you have any questions at all please send a message to
[info]babyboy_tego or [info]blackkuro .

Thank you and HAPPY RPing!