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An AU Role Play Community for the Asian Entertainment

Talk. Play. Love.
AU Role Play

1. No god-modding (Google it) and don't plot. Go with the flow.
2. No bullying between muns.
3. OOC drama not welcomed. It's up to you if you want to meet your fellow mun.
4. Only 4 muse to a mun. Muses' must be from different groups.
5. Stay Active! A month of inactivity will result in a drop.
6. When claiming, on the subject line write "you can talk, you can play, you can love". So that we know that you read the rules, all other claims will be rejected.
7. Don't make the entry posts too wordy. If it's going to be a long paragraph people (most likely) won't read it.

This RP is livejournal based. Mods for this RP are babyboy_tego & blackkuro. To contact send a PM.

Disclaimer: This RP is AU but does not involve magic/killing/reincarnation/supernatural events/powers. Again, No god-modding.

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